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About me

Capturing the Essence of Life since 2k14.

This compelling paragraph encapsulates Momento's core mission - to preserve life's fleeting moments through exceptional artistry. It promises to unveil the raw beauty and emotions that lie beneath the surface, immortalizing the very essence of cherished experiences into visually stunning masterpieces.


My Work


WHat people say

"I was blown away by Aaron's eye for detail and his ability to find beauty in the most unexpected places during our urban photography session. He has a unique, almost poetic perspective that comes through in every shot. An incredible artistic talent."
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Jessica & Ryan

Chairman, XYZ Company

"As an artist myself, I'm extremely selective about photographers I hire. Aaron's incredible eye, mastery of lighting, and willingness to experiment to capture my creative vision resulted in a photo series I'm tremendously proud of. He is a true storyteller with a camera."
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Sarah DEO

CTO, ABC Company

"From a very early age, I knew I wanted to have newborn photos taken by a real artist - not just traditional posed shots. Aaron's gorgeous, soulful portraits of my daughter are more than I could have dreamed. He transported me back to those sacred first moments."
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Emily Michael

Advisor, PQR Company

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